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What is an Extended Vehicle Warranty. An Extended Vehicle Warranty is a motor plan which one purchased for their car which is soon to expire. When you purchase a new car, you will almost certainly receive a motor plan with your purchase. This motor plan will cover certain mechanical and similar issues for a year or two. After the motor plan is finished, then you need to extend your motor plan. Extended Vehicle Warrantys is a website which enables you to get a quote from one of the most competitive companies in South Africa, who offer up to 5 different motor plan options, starting for as little as R200 per month. What you want to do is ensure that you extend your motor plan in time so you are not at any point vulnerable for unforseen costs unexpectedly. To extend your motor plan with us, simply fill in the quote request form on this website, or contact us via our contact page. We extend all types of brands of vehicles, such as BMW, audi, Volkswagen, Jetta, Toyota, Volkswagen Polo Vivo, Chevrolet, Isuzu, Ford, General Motors, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, Renault, etc. We also cover cars which are 10 years or less, if your vehicle is over 10 years old then you are not able to get an Extended Vehicle Warranty.

Being too cautious has been proven not to be safe on the road as well as everywhere else, when you are tense and too much on guard, roads won’t be safe for you and you won’t enjoy the benefit of driving your car around. You need to be at peace, you need a peace of mind. How can this be achieved, you need to extend you vehicle warranty plan that secures precious peace of mind. It means you are covered for the cost of any mechanical and electrical repairs that are needed on your car, is that not a big relief, parts and labour included. Break downs are things you never plan for but you don’t need to constantly worry about the potential cost of it doing so? We can cover all that for you and take away all the worries from you. Extended Vehicle Warranty is the way to go and we have a wide variety of motor plans for you to choose from, from Bronze, silver, Gold, platinum to Titanium, definitely one of these motor plans will meet your needs at an amount that you can afford. Contact EMP Extended Vehicle Warranty and get a quote today.

Doing the right thing at the right time is always the best, but the golden question would be “when is the right time”?. May we take this time to understand this point. The question is” do we react in a situation or do we react before the situation, what is the right thing to do?. Do we build a shelter in a storm or do we build a shelter before the storm. This principle plays a huge role in our day to day living. Extended Vehicle Warranty is also one of those daily decision in our lives. Do we react when we are in a breakdown or before the breakdown? .So reacting and seeking for help in a motor vehicle breakdown is the same as trying to build a shelter in a storm. So a question may be asked again “when is the right time? Building in a storm or before the storm? Extending a motor plan or not. I am sure that we can all see that the right time to build a shelter is before the storm, therefor, you must not wait to seek for assistance when you have experienced a motor vehicle breakdown, get a your motor plan extension with us today and we will be there for you on the rainy day.